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TheGrindSyndicate & Friends: Road trip to NorCal!

Waking before sunrise to open up booths at flea markets, holding garage sales in the most remote cities, setting up for our awesome events can be very very exhausting. Typically, everyone needs a break or a vacation after working so hard, but here at the The Grind Syndicate, we like to always stay productive by taking business with us to a road trip!


We all have plans and goals as individuals, but we as a group must share common goals…. which takes lots of discussions and time. . . .The hours and hours you spend daydreaming in the car during road trips gave us the perfect chance to keep our minds focused on the development of this company.

No lie, Trail Mix & Narture Valley bars were all we ate for the entire trip. . .


. . . we lied . . . NorCal fed us well! :]

Phil’s Slider’s bite-sized burgers were like White Castle on steroids. . . delicious!


Ike’s Place was a bit pricy for just a sandwich(Dante’s Sandwich was $16.00), but we all agreed it was worth every penny! Dont let the picture deceive you, their sandwiches were like Subway on crack!


Last but not least, Zachary’s Pizza was everyone’s highlight on our trip..  Words cannot describe how lip-smacking tasty their deep-dish chicago style pizza were… You have to try it to make sense of what I cannot explain with mere letters.


We were all disappointed we couldn’t take any back home with us. . . :[