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peep this new music video by the homie in the East, KiD SEAN. Sick to My Stomach track off his new album ‘BONA FIDE’ droppin June 13. I’ll keep you posted on where to download.



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ice C.R.E.A.M. : kID sEAN

Yo whats cracking up in Philly. Feel like the kILLUMINATI over there popping on musical babies?

lemme introduce you to a young cat by the name of Kid Sean.

kid sean

why i gotta say more. check out his music.

FREEEEEDOM!!!! From the his new mixtape LifeAsMe. Listen and Download on Datpiff

His soundcloud has some his best. Sean and the homie Kev Kill did a remix of the epic J Cole song, I Let Nas down.

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DatPiff  –  SoundCloud  –  Twitter  –  Facebook  –  Youtube  –  Kid Sean GEAR

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