dress like what?!? to BRICK summer heat

Dressing up for a warehouse party can be a little tricky because of the freedom to wear anything. There isn’t a dress code but looking good is an unofficial rule.

A motto I live by is “keep it classy with a little trashy”, which is ideal for a warehouse party.  Raging isn’t possible by staying classy, we all need to let loose.

Wearing all black automatically adds chic to style. To vamp up a black attire it’s all about how you wear it. For the ladies here are two option ideas.



Black high-waisted jeans should be an essential in every closet. It can be dressed up or down. Paring black high-waisted jeans with a leather bralette top is a perfect balance of skin to clothing ratio. Also, pairing black with gold accessories can never go wrong; a bracelet cuff and delicate necklaces adds more umph for this outfit. Keeping a nude lip keeps the outfit its own statement piece and allows for low-maintenance retouching.




For those wanting to show more legs, this moto inspired skirt gives a tough look that screams ready to take on the night. Paired with some chunky boots, you can stomp and go crazy without having to worry about toes being smashed. The skirt and boots are the pieces of focus and to keep everything else toned down, a white crop top and cool toned accessories is a perfect match.


These two outfits can also be mixed and matched and can also be worn on a night out.


–Diannalyn Dy

For more fashion tips, follow Diannalyn Dy  at http://diannady.blogspot.com/

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