lower case ‘c’ upper case ‘L, A’ lower case  ‘s, i, c, c’



Found his love for music from the homies in LA. Glendale and Koreatown to be exact. starting with jumping on a cypher sessions, cLAsicc has developed himself as the smoothest producer in town.

He’s currently concentrated on producing, but if you need him on a 16, he can does it. REAL GOOD. In the past couple months, cLAsicc as released  10 tracks working with various artist such as SIR J. check the latest

on the road to success doing what he loves, cLAsicc leaves this interview with a few words.

stay Hungry. if you have something you want in life i feel like you can get it no mater what, its just are you to get it. are you willing to make sacarfice, are you willing to invest 99.99% of  your time in to what you love to do. to make it happen

– cLAsicc

 soundcloud link

-Keep On-



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