Jook to the UNO you know he got the hot shit


lemme reintroduce to you Jook theFirst. since the last time we talked Jook has most def been GRINDing. juggling school & work then at the stu(dio) putting on above and beyond work into music. NO DAYs OFF

He’s working on two EPs right now.

One of them, release date unknown, is titled The Rebirth of Jook theFirst. Working with instrumentals produced by KJS Beats and BCM 100, The Rebirth takes an introspective point of view to finding and choosing the right path of life. Check out an exclusive track off his new EP

“Getting schooled on the daily, on the hour and the minute

so don’t ask me how i’m livin’, i’m simply pushed to my limit”

Lost In Translation

The other is a TOP SECRET collaboration with MC Prototype. that’s all imma say about that. You gon find out soon.

Link up w/ Jook theFirst





-Keep On-


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