micro.DOT : Johnson Tsang

hard work pays off. Remember that. and then add some talent on top that, got you doing all kinds of next level.

Johnson Tsang aka Tsang Cheung Shing aka 曾章成, is on some of that.


freakishly DOPE. with some political swag.

Scroll this doe

dsc_9296 (1) dsc_9296 dsc_9322 dsc_9324 dsc_9330 dsc_9339 dsc_9341 dsc_88061

How To

dscn7458 dscn7460 dscn7464 dscn7467 dscn7468 dscn7472 dscn7475 dscn7476 dscn7479 dscn7482 dscn7488 dscn7498 dscn7512 dscn7520 dscn7528 dscn7536 dscn7540 dscn7541 dscn7544 dscn7554 dscn7557 dscn7558 dscn7574 dscn7578 dscn7586 dscn7589 dscn7597 dscn7600 dscn7603 dscn7604 dscn7606 dscn7623 dscn7625 dscn7628 dscn7634 dscn7639 dscn7661 dscn7670 dscn7671 dscn7673 dscn7678 dscn7686 dscn7689 dscn7694 dscn7783 dscn7789 dscn7796 dscn7798 dscn7806 dscn7807 dscn7809 dscn7823 dscn7829 dscn7837 dscn7838 dscn7840 dscn7845 dscn7853 dscn7857 dscn7890 dscn7892 dscn7894 dscn7898 dscn7907 dscn7916 dscn7922 dscn7927

dsc_8877 dsc_8898 dsc_8999 dsc_9013 dsc_9287 dsc_9290

Wonder how much that is. it’ll be a nice roll up try.

Johnson Tsang is a sculptor based in Hong Kong who focuses on ceramics, stainless steel sculptures and public art project.

look at more of Johnson’s  work and how to’s @  http://johnsontsang.wordpress.com/

link UP

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-Keep On-

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