So i been writing about these artist. some from outta state, some local. I know what you’re asking yourself. where can i find some of them sick artist ‘n see them rock a show. cause thats what it really comes down to. They can be studio gangsters but can they live up to the HYPE on stage.

MUFFACKA thats what im here to tell you.


CEO of SOUP or CHEESE productions. (pronouced super cheese)

this happy guy over here is OhWhen. He  brings you the best underground music in n around southern california – doing roughly 19 shows a month. if hip hop was dead, this guys is the one who gave it cpr, slapped it a few and had it back on its feet pimp walking down the block.

Also, if you honestly believe yo ass is the best MC out there – try rocking a show, you studio wangtsa. hit up OhWhen for an audition. oh, did i mention, “no pay to play” to get on stage. HOLLLA

upcoming show on Feb 8th

ohwhen flyer

Shout Out to Soup Or Cheese Production. Keep up the work. its only forward from here.

link UP

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-Keep On-


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