AD.hd : SEKT capadapt

For all you artists out there that think Ironlak is unreasonably overpriced, and say “fuck paying for paint, I can jack home depot.”


Introducing the  SEKT  CapAdapt

Capadapt by sekt pink

The Sekt Cap Adapter is for all of those male-valve paint cans that you’ve got sitting around. Instead of using some lame female caps, just use the Sekt Cap Adapter and all of your favorite male caps will fit on your male spray paint cans.

ALSO with this genius piece of equipment, you can mix and refill cans. opening up a whole new range of colors. And the slickest of em all, you can make your own pocket cans.

tresemme pocket can

“officer, thats hair spray”

Go out n GET UP.

UTAH & ETHER  paints the SEOUL.

Buy your Cap Adapt at

Shout outs to SEKT and the TWN crew for making it

-Keep On-


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