Where’s The Party At??


Look no further!  You’ve worked long and hard enough throughout the week.  TIME TO PLAY HARD.
Check up on our blog for weekly updates on listings of events worth spending that cash you GRIND-ed all week for.


Tonight, decorated veterans of Los Angeles underground House scene, Steve Prior and his team 6AM Group have their Grand Opening for Frenzy Terrace at Avalon.  This will be a weekly underground HOUSE-fest at the Bardot Terrace of Avalon starting from 9:30PM-7:00AM.

Especially at a time when there is an abundant and endless flow of new electronic music, the general public was in need of being brought back to the roots of what REAL (ware)HOUSE music was.  With that purpose in mind, instead of booking BIG artists, Steve and his crew focused in exposing local DJs with a true passion for the scene. (I’ve played their before too and it was F@#$ng GROOOVY~)  Oh and sometimes, expect the unexpected.. Last time I was there, Steve invited Skrillex to play the rest of his set at 4AM, and he played only house!

(DJ Mag ranks Avalon #49 at Best Clubs in the World)

GO RSVP! Tonight will be 19+ and FREE before 10:30!



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