Sessions Spotlight: Dwayne Jones the “Funkmaster”


You wanted funk?  Well, we brought you the MASTER of FUNK~
Dwayne Jones

“Creole boy born in New Orleans. Son of the late great Joe Jones of You Talk Too Much fame. Grew up in Manhattan New York. Started playing the piano and drums at age five. Performed on Broadway in “The Dude” age five. Moved to the San Fernando Valley of California, as a teenager. Songwriter,producer,Music licensing/contract administration/intellectual property. Musician.Pianist, Drummer, one of the FUNKIEST BASS PLAYER’S IN L.A! Music productions/sequencing. Pro Tools/Logic 9. Broadcast/Journalism Major. Attended Glendale Community College. Studied Recording Engineering at Los Angles Recording Workshop. Have performed with several local groups. Numerous live performances. Entertainment Committee Member for the 2012 American Cancer Society Relay for Life @ Pierce College. Participated/performed at the Benefit Concert for Haiti 2010, American Cancer Society Relay for life 2010, various community events for the Los Angeles Parks & Recreation’s outdoor concert series. El Carsio summer festival, Pacoima Christmas Parade, ect. I enjoy providing entertainment for the masses. Booking agent. Very passionate about my art and craft of music making! I enjoy people! My goal is to touch people’s lives with my music. Director of Business Affairs for the family Music Publishing Company. Licensing Credits: HBO Treme series, Rain Main, The Big Easy, Mission Impossible II, Satisfaction, K-9, Multiple Best of New Orleans cd compilations. Time/Life- Best of R&B Classics, Rhino Records- Solid Gold Oldies, George Benson-Tell it like it is, Aaron Neville- Best of, The Neville Brothers “live in New Orleans, Best of Irma Thomas, Treme Brass Band, Rhino Millennium Soul Party, and many many more. I volunteer my time to speak to troubled youth as well as my former High School Verdugo Hills High’s career choices class. It’s important to empower our youth with experience, strength and hope to encourage them to follow their dreams. Everyone has a purpose as to why they are on this planet! Mine is to play music and allow for others to express their passion through my music.I try to do something kind for a stranger every day! Compassionate, Straight Forward. I enjoy making people smile. A go getter. Constantly on the Grind. A DRIVER not a passenger. A leader, not a follower. A problem solver, not a problem maker. Kind, serious, humorous A true Capricorn.Tomorrow is not guaranteed. I live every day as if it were my last. Favorite quotes: “We are the source.” Joe Jones RIP. “If anyone among us is perfect, let them cast the first stone.” Jesus Christ.”

Check out some really funky videos of Mr Jones as he SLAPPA DA BASS~

Funky Stuff Records Soundcloud
Funky Stuff Records Facebook
Reverb Nation

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