Sessions II Spotlight: Creole Boyz Productions/Funky Stuff Records Featured Artists



We’ve teamed with Creole Boyz Productions/Funky Stuff Records which features independent artists from all genres.

Funky Stuff Records Soundcloud
Funky Stuff Records Facebook

Soul/Folk artist – Mokisan Tomoko Saito

Mokisan’s voice is often compared with the sweet and sultry tones of Norah Jones.  She has played piano and guitar since age 8 and majored in classical piano and musical theory at San Francisco State.  Her musical style infuses classical, bee bop, folk, soul, pop, and r&b.

When Ms. Saito isn’t warming souls with her music, she is styling hair at the famous Vous Salon on Melrose Ave.  There are really good reviews up on yelp and bing so make sure to check it out if you’re hair’s just not CUTTIN’ it anymore. 

Indie Hip Hop Artist – Amercyst 

Damon Rice also known as Amercyst or just “Cyst” for short, was born and raised from Baltimore. Now he is in Los Angeles grinding out that dream of becoming the next Grammy award-winning artist. He sings, produces, and writes all his music.

“expect music that will be mind-blowing, soul touching no matter what walk of life your from.”
–  Amercyst

Indie Hip Hop Artist – Khawait Khastalleno 

A 26-year-old rapper from Los Angeles, CA. has pursued rapping since age 9.  His primary goal is to connect with the college and Power106 generation.

“I hope to reach the world & have my art respected. I live by the motto “If you are not willing to fail, you will never succeed”
 – Khawait


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