Sessions II Spotlight: Tunnelno5


There are genres of music. And then there are sub-genres of music. For example, there is rock, then there is classical rock. If there is hip hop, then there is also Tunnelno5’s music. This producer’s beats are reminiscent of an era of hip hop that is now regarded ‘old-school.’ Tunnelno5’s music is influenced by the legends of the old school, such as J. Dilla and Pete Rock.


Tunnelno5’s venture into music started when he was a child, when he picked up a violin. Since then, he’s picked up an MPC beat making machine, and a DJ turntable, and he pours his love for classical music, hip hop, and generally any type of GOOD music onto his decks.


He will be opening up for our performances during Sessions, so be sure to get there early!

Check out his sounds:




Don’t miss out on Sessions with the Grind Syndicate, Sunday, March 24, 2013!

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