Sessions II Spotlight: Jook1


One of the performers we’re always excited to watch is Jook the First! This rapper’s defining quality isn’t his punchline heavy rhymes, or even his smarter-than-thou flow, his most incredible quality is the fact that he can walk into any room, whether it has 2 people or 2,000 people,  and before he gets off stage, he’s going to make sure all of their hands are raised. When Jook says Hip, y’all say Hop. Hip? Hop. HIP! HOP!


Most recently, he was part of the Parliament tour in Ontario. Check out his performance:

And he dropped a new music video yesterday!

The Grind is in LOVE with this song. Not only because the beat is awesome, and Jook can rap, but because Jook the rapper, and Tunnelno5, the producer, met at our first Sessions! And soon right after, Jook hopped on one of Tunnelno5’s beats. This is why we Grind: to make sure artists are getting the attention they deserve, and getting the opportunity to expand their craft and work with new people. Keep up the good work! And you know we always love Jook’s shoutouts to us:

Patiently waiting for the Grind to send me work!”

Add him:



Don’t miss out on his performance at Sessions with the Grind Syndicate, Sunday, March 24, 2013!

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