Throwback Thursday #11 – Nujabes


Jun Seba formerlly known as Nujabes (pronounced his name backwards) was a Japanese hip hop/jazz/experimental producer/DJ.  His beats touched people from all over the world and even after his fatal car accident in 2010, his name still proves to be one of hip hop’s most beloved gems.  Nujabes was a mysterious man and his personality was reflected into his beats.  He created atmosphere in his music so well that it was even used for an anime called Samurai Champloo.  Today, people from all ages can kick back on a warm summer night to relax and start..
Counting Stars – Nujabes

Aruarian Dance – Nujabes

Samurai Champloo Opening Credits
I highly recommend you watch this series if you love hip hop and animation. This series is all that and more!

Check the homie Resoe doing some insane graffiti of Samurai Champloo with Nujabes x Shing02 song playing in the background. He has more stuff up on instagram


Who could that be?

dilla nujabes

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