Sessions with the Grind Syndicate II

We are very excited to present another Sessions with the Grind Syndicate on Sunday, March 24, 2013. For those of you who were with us the first time, you will be happy to know this next  one is going to be even better! And if you weren’t there to feel the vibes, you will definitely be impressed with our second offering.


Sessions with the Grind Syndicate is an opportunity for local artists and performers to show off their craft, and it is also an opportunity for their own community to sponsor their talent. Newly opened cafe, Creme, has once again shown their support and allowed the use of its location for the event. Famous Koreatown pizzeria KONY’s, upscale online clothes and accessories store Ionic Order, lifestyle and skating clothing brand 88 Monks, trendy online fashion boutique, Kaii, and its upcoming men’s line The Cut, have all pitched their support to make this event happen.


Check out our short video recap of our first Sessions:

Give these local businesses some well deserved attention:

Cafe Creme:



King of New York Pizzeria:



Ionic Order:


Kaii Fashion:


88 Monks:


Go check out our event page, and make sure to invite all your friends!

Stay tuned on this blog for daily updates on our Sessions artists and performers.


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