Doc’s Crazy Conspiracy Corner: Maybe We’re All Just a Little Crazy

The opinions, conspiracy theories, regular theories, and pseudo-facts in this article are not necessarily shared or believed by the rest of the Grind Syndicate.  They are the sole creation of the overly connective neurons of Doctor Jeff and his slightly twisted mind  (hell, even he sometimes doesn’t even believe it, he’s just writing it to stir shit up).  The Doc does not confirm or deny that anything in here is actually fact, because even if he were to site a well respected or not so well respected source – they also could be lying and/or wrong, .  However, the contents herein will hopefully make you look at the world in a different way, give you something to think about, entertain the enlightened, and most definitely anger the brooding masses.


Last year, NBA scouts evaluated Royce White as a top NBA lottery  talent.    However, his stock fell to 16th pick overall by the Houston Rockets, a team put together by ‘dorky’ general manager Daryl Morray, who has a fondness for numbers and sabermatrics. When drafting this highly intelligent point forward, Morray was hoping that White blossoms into an All-Star. However, his analytical models also calculated a downside that accounted for why he fell so far. White has anxiety issues, more specifically, a huge fear of flying. Initially the worry was White’s fear of flying could compromise his ability to play away games.  It grew into more as he refused to play any games until an independent psychological doctor deemed White mentally fit to play.    In a recent interview with Chuck Klosterman, he made it clear that by not participating in team activities, he was sticking up for mental illness rights, while also stating that we as a nation have a very serious mental health issue, and many of us are mentally ill, but not getting the help we need.

Royce White


In the Royce White definition of mental health, where everyone basically has a mental health issue, this is a nation of crazy people.  And that’s backed by direct observations.  Anybody who drinks or does either recreational or prescription drugs regularly, goes through depression, has mood swings, or talks to himself has a mental health issue. In fact, it can be said that anyone that’s introverted, very creative or just plain different has a mental health issue.

Everyone is crazy, or shall we say, mentally deviant, and the ones that aren’t crazy, or mentally deviant, are actually the craziest and the most mentally deviant of all. But we as a nation are focusing on all the wrong details. Sometimes a mental health problem is a crushing, all-encompassing, terrible thing. And other times, it defines who you are, and makes you ‘different.’ In Mary and Max, Max, has Aspergers, and feels the symptoms of Aspergers don’t make him crazy or weird; they are just a part of who Max is as a person.

mary max


He doesn’t want or need to be cured. Just because he has symptoms on some mental disorder spectrum doesn’t make him crazy. What’s crazy is being far out there, doing some crazy ass things. I don’t think we should be trying to cure autism, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder…. We need to try and create a society that isn’t pushing people to their fringes, making them suicidal and angry.


            For example, should we somehow try to cure people like Chris Dorner?  Or should the LAPD have been less corrupt?  Should we blame the individual for acting crazy or should we acknowledge that they were doing the only thing possible in an insane world?  We as a society are pushing people more and more to be the extreme versions of their crazy selves. Nuttier and nuttier people are on the way, and although that is not necessarily a bad thing.   Our world is falling apart, and people are getting turnt up; prepare for things to change. Should we be trying to cure people from who they are, or should we be helping them to deal with the world around them by taking into account their inherent strengths and weaknesses? At what point does fairness and turning people into valuable assets fall away to limited resources to help people who aren’t in a status quo? Is this evolution working its magic?



The recent killings and Sandy Hook have brought gun control to the spotlight again. There were two major factors in the Sandy Hook killing: guns and a mentally unstable person. This actually applies to all the shootings(EVER), and gun control is becoming more and more of a trending topic in America. The mental illness factor has taken the backseat to the more sexy, gun control issue.  The mild interest in mental health after these incidents is also used as a springboard to remind us that our mental health institutions and mental health cures aren’t all they’re cracked up to be . You can’t simply ‘help’ people if the ‘help’ is actually being questioned. Some people find help and peace through their medication, while some have reacted very adversely.



Recently, I ran across an article stating the new standards of mental health. It seems most mental health diagnosis are affected by two major factors. One, mental illness is labeled to make it coverable by insurance.  Having an issue that is classified as a mental health issue could be a benefit,  but it also has a flip side in the stigma also associated with mental illness. Second, doctors are looking for easier and more consistent ways to diagnose mental illnesses. Strangely, they don’t seem to have much consistency in their system.

They acknowledge autism has a spectrum, but don’t seem to use that same principle for everything else; although other illnesses seem to have a spectrum as well. Actually, every one of us lies somewhere on these spectra. When you are at the far end of the spectrum, you are pushed further from society, leading to loneliness and instability. If you are pushed even further on that spectrum, you just might have a mental breakdown. And when you break, try not to freak out, because they will put you in the mental institute for sure (unless they haven’t noticed you yet, in which case, try not to enter any school buildings with automatic weapons).



We’re all somewhere significant on the craziness spectra. As a country (especially during this recession), we are probably getting more of our citizens finding themselves further and further out to the unhealthy portion of the spectrum lately. Our solutions aren’t effective, and we alienate and render useless the exact people who are most likely to go crazy… which is almost the same thing as putting the gun in the crazy gunman’s hand. Look, I’m a little crazy, but I like my craziness, and I think (hope) my friends do too(especially the imaginary ones). But if my world view was shattered or I became traumatized, then all the weird quirks that make Doc’s Conspiracy Corner so fun can actually start becoming annoying and burdening and dangerous.   The disparity in income is pushing people farther out there on their spectra. However, our society itself drives us crazy.  We weren’t really meant to be in a world with this many lights and sounds, people, television, cars, phones.  All of it.  It is a huge experiment and some of the eggs are cracking.  In some ways we might not be able to do anything about it.  Casualties of the universe and world.


Who is behind these crazy conspiracies? Obviously, it would have to be the psychologists and pharmacists, mental wards, reality television, Obamacare, Tom Cruise, your local weed dealer, and the snack food industry. This is a well-coordinated, multi-tiered conspiracy carried out on every continent, including Antarctica. They have weekly meetings, monthly bulletins, and a yearly retreat to Bali-Bali.


Some brain tickling questions:

What pushes you further outside your norm?

Do you always want to be in your norm?

Was Jesus Chris the “norm?”

Are we a ticking time bomb of people?

How much do you medicate/self-medicate for a psychological issue?

Do you drink or smoke to relieve stress? Does that make you a addict?



Doctor Jeff, when he’s not busy being that crazy white guy on the street corner, wearing nothing but a sign bearing the coming of the apocalypse, is a moviemaker. For more into his crazy mind, check out Revolutionary Productions, and make sure to stay posted for his weekly edition, Doc’s Crazy Conspiracy Corner!


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