Throwback Thursdays #9 – Mos Def


If you know hip-hop, then you MOS DEFinitely know of this week’s Throwback Thursday artist, Dante “Mos Def” Smith. December 11, 1973, Dante Smith was born in a household of 12 other children, and Young Dante grew up witnessing the cruel realities of the Brooklyn projects. Surrounded by drugs, violence, crime, and crackheads, Mos believed the projects were a social experiment. He used his experiences from what he believed was cruel and wrong as a drive to become as successful as he is today. Now, he’s become an accomplished actor, TV show host, and legendary rapper.
“My work is a reflection of the human condition,” Mos Def says. “I don’t want to hurt anybody. I don’t want to mislead people. I want to tell the truth. All my songs are not happy. Some of them are even aggressive—some may say mean, but we all experience these feelings in life. I’m just being honest about what I feel and what sounds and ideas were motivating me at the time.”

Mos Def – Ms Fat Booty

Blackstar Ft. Common – Respiration

Mos Def’s collaboration with the Black Keys & Jim Jones

(while were still on the topic of throwback… BALLLLLIN~)

Mos Def as host of Russel Simmon’s Def Jam Poetry

Mos Def as Brother Sam on Forgiveness

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