Doc’s Crazy Conspiracy Corner: The Chris Dorner Story

The opinions, conspiracy theories, regular theories, and pseudo-facts in this article are not necessarily shared or believed by the rest of the Grind Syndicate.  They are the sole creation of the overly connective neurons of Doctor Jeff and his slightly twisted mind  (hell, even he sometimes doesn’t even believe it, he’s just writing it to stir shit up).  The Doc does not confirm or deny that anything in here is actually fact, because even if he were to site a well respected or not so well respected source – they also could be lying and/or wrong, .  However, the contents herein will hopefully make you look at the world in a different way, give you something to think about, entertain the enlightened, and most definitely anger the brooding masses.


As promised from last week’s entry, I’m going to tackle the subject of Mental Health in America (sorry to be xenophobic, I just don’t know what mental health is like for foreigners, I just assume they’re all crazy).

Hold On. Breaking news. What’s this?  An ex-LAPD police officer and United States Navy reservist is wronged by the LAPD and declares war on them.  He murders four people, including two police officers, and stirs up the biggest manhunt of this century with a million dollar reward for his head. And to add to that, he is allegedly killed under suspicious circumstances, and people still don’t know what the fuck really happened!!!


Clearly, we have to interrupt our previously scheduled program with this week’s Doc’s Crazy Conspiracy Corner Update: What the Sh!t did I just watch?: The Chris Dorner Story.

It didn’t take long for this story to become unbelievable.  This guy had released a manifesto, for Christ’s sake.  His manifesto…..well, it reads like my blog.  Its a little too much ‘stream of consciousness’ than you want out of your defining work.  This 40 page manuscript contains emotions and thoughts that the five paragraph essay style cannot possibly handle.  He comes off as uncontrolled but convicted.  He is, roughly, the exact type of person who might lose it and go after the police.  Not that I personally would wage war on the police, but I don’t think I’m alone in feeling like I sometimes want to .  You’ve been wronged, it was wrong, you know its wrong, you were taught to stand up for yourself, so you burst open and try to explain it.  Unfortunately, his manifesto doesn’t read like the Declaration of Independence.  It sort of does, but not as well structured.  Maybe this is due to our poor education system, or just maybe, the really well written nutjobs haven’t stepped up to the plate yet.


Not an example of “well-written.”

There was an interesting amount of support for Dorner, something none of the other crazy shooters have received.  No one was rooting for the school shooters or the Colorado movie theater gunman. I actually got a “fuck yeah” sense from people.  The main reason is that he took on the police.  He had been wronged and stood up for himself.  People dig that.  At least, I do.  I think it helped his cause that he went on the run, which made it seem like he could possibly win and get away.  Also, unlike the other shooters, he took to Facebook to make his case.  In a way, he was trying to connect with us, the rest of the world, to try to explain his actions.  He may be a madman, but he wants to be our madman.



In some way, I could relate to this guy’s problems, more than I could with any of the other’s.  In general, I like his gumption, his can-do-attitude, his get-up-and-go.  I’m not so sure about his targets and ultimate motives.  (Which in some ways doesn’t totally matter because I don’t know how much of this whole story is fabricated bullshit?).  One of the targets he chose was the daughter of a lawyer that he thinks wronged him.  I mean, come on dude. His daughter?  Kill HIM, that’s a real move.  Not that he should kill people, but if you’re going to, which this guy was – shouldn’t he have come up with better targets?  I also don’t like that he lacked a real exit strategy and game plan. He makes standing up for yourself seem like a insane thing do. In the future, when people mention rising up against the machine, someone they know will advise them against it. “Oh, you mean like that Dorner guy…look how he turned out!” Har-Dee-Har-Har…..


In the craziest parts of my brain, this whole thing seems fabricated (good thing the rest of the loonies out there are backing me up).

Why the Dorner Story was Staged:

  • There was a shockingly small amount of national media coverage.  Just as there was more sympathy for Dorner than the other un-balanced individuals that went off, there was media coverage.  People didn’t know about him all over the country like they did for Sandy Hook or the Colorado shootings.


  • It makes me wonder if this isn’t some huge experiment.  They’re testing to see how outraged we’d be if the police department just started opening fire on people.  Seems like we’re kinda okay with it.

wrong make

  • Police corruption was the beginning of the story.  So, if they’re already corrupt, doesn’t that mean they could be(SHOCKER)….more corrupt?
  • $1 million dollar reward – SHIT GOT DAMN. A lot of people, me included, would do a lot of things (including LIE) for one of the biggest rewards offered for the capture of a criminal.
  • It doesn’t help that he supposedly burned in a cabin, surrounded by law enforcement, who quite possibly could have started the fire. I mean, why else did they ban news helicopters from entering the area? Last time I checked, cops weren’t allowed to kill a man without due process, even if he killed other police officers.


If we can have conspiracy “truthers” preaching on Sandy Hook, or 9/11, we absolutely need more Dorner truthers. Dorner is either the start of something or the cap on things.  People may speculate, but it is hard to know.  When you push people to the limits, they lose themselves.


We don’t need more Dorners. We need more Dorner truthers.

What if people like Dorner are a side effect of social development?  People die, and for all kinds of reasons, in some cold and logical way, these deaths are a drop in the bucket for the amount of lives that are claimed every day, hell, every minute. The main difference is, these deaths were more interesting from an evening news perspective.  They symbolized our problems as a society in the most fantastical way.

This is a slowly growing trend, but just like anything else, growth means exponential growth.  You shouldn’t mix this much despair and unhappiness, with over the counter, legal, and illegal drugs, weapons and fighting training, and goddamned television.  Mix, repeat. Mix, repeat. Not good.

Four Random thoughts:

Drones used to find dorner.  Drones are becoming more and more of a hotbutton issue.   I think as long as they’re delivering burritos and not hunting people, we can hold off the terminators for a little while longer.



People were referring to him as Chocolate Rambo.   That’s the world we live in.

Saw this on Facebook, don’t even know if it’s true: “This is a quote from LAPD Lt. Joseph Fryday, ‘The public should be assured that we are doing everything we can to capture Christopher Dorner, even if it means shooting at every car and every person in California.'”   I couldn’t find anything to confirm this quote which does make me question it’s validity.  It’s almost too stupid to be real.  How I’ve been wrong about that in the past tho.

Ok, and I’ll be the asshole to ask it, fine, fine.  Are we absolutely sure this isn’t a performance piece by LL Cool J in a role of lifetime?  Are we?!?!?!?  Too soon?

Who’s to blame for this conspiracy?  I’ll give you one hint, it starts with L and ends with APD.  There’s also your news outlets.  It’s hard to gauge whether or not the illuminati had anything to do with this, but since they control everything….probably.  I don’t know, it’s hard to come up with something better than a weak illuminati reference when the LAPD very clearly quite possibly conspired to kill a man or more…..

Some brain tickling questions:

If you had these abilities and they took everything from you, wouldn’t you fight back?

Why did you root for or against this man?

Are we going to focus or ignore the police corruption?

How much of the story we’re being presented do  you believe, and what do you think that means about you?

Is Chris Dorner still alive, was he working alone, was he executed illegally, again highlighting police wrong doing?

Is the LAPD being framed by an elaborate plan concocted by a madman?


Doctor Jeff, when he’s not busy being that crazy white guy on the street corner, wearing nothing but a sign bearing the coming of the apocalypse, is a moviemaker. For more into his crazy mind, check out Revolutionary Productions, and make sure to stay posted for his weekly edition, Doc’s Crazy Conspiracy Corner!

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