RX-7 Tokyo Drift Style

Everyone can see themselves zooming down the freeway in that one-of-a-kind dream car, turning heads and wooing the girls. And while the most direct way of women-wooing through your vehicle is to spend a lot of cash, we here at the Grind, suggest you put in some WORK, and build that beauty your own damn self.
tokyo rx7
Remember that beautiful orange and black toned RX-7 from the Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift? The same one that broke everyone’s hearts when it was totaled in an explosion that killed Han…… Today, you get to learn how to build it on your own!
The car itself isn’t so expensive, but you’ll need a ’93-’95 FD RX-7, which would probably ring you up around $9,000. The sexy ass bodykit, however, is more expensive that the car, at around $15,000.
Whether or not you want to spend a small fortune on a bodykit is completely up to you, but you definitely want to get this car kickin at 370 hp with some very affordable tuning at http://www.neweraparts.com/
rx7-vielside (3)
Here’s a progression video on the making of one of these bad boys.
Stay fast and furious! And if you’re currently last, and curious on how to get fast, stay tuned every week!

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