Sessions Spotlight: Ayeohleef


Ayeohleef just might steal your heart. But for sure, they will leave you with a big smile on your face this upcoming Thursday at Sessions. These youngsters are fresh out of high school, where their musical pairing started in their AP English class(smart & cute… some kids have it all these days).

Allen Mariano(Ayeoh) is the vocalist and guitarist, and he draws his soulful influences from the likes of Motown and D’angelo.

Self proclaimed ‘Koreatown bred heartthrob’ Green Leef is the rapping half of this group. Green wants to be more than a cute face, cutefaceand he wants to prove it by showing off the mic skills he learned during the Knockstudy MC/Writing workshop from prominent underground rapper Intuition.

Ayeohleef is still very much in its infant experimental stages, so make sure to support these young cats as they develop into the talent they were meant to be. In the mean time, check out their Youtube videos:

And make SURE to catch them this upcoming Thursday at Sessions with the Grind Syndicate!


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