Sessions Spotlight: M. Lawrence “Uncle Larry” Abrams

All of us are truly blessed to see a performance from Uncle Larry at upcoming Sessions next Thursday. Uncle Larry is a musical legend not because he can do it all(he plays percussion, flute, bass, saxophone, piano, and sings) but because he’s seen it all. But his stories of musical legend are for another time, and perhaps YOU can meet him at Sessions and get him to spill some of his tales!

photo cred: Michaela Feeney

Most recently, Uncle Larry was part of the band 100 Monkeys, along with lead singer Jackson Rathbone(Jasper from the Twilight series). The Monkeys were famous for their monkey-like behavior, and on-stage improvisation of songs, and their “Monkey switcheroo,” a moment during their live show where each member switches instruments.

This was from a 100 Monkeys show for the Fender Music Foundation. Uncle Larry got to steal the show during a switcheroo and showed off that SOUL:

Uncle, being Uncle, always got some sound advice for us youngsters. He definitely wouldn’t recommend drinking, when you’re loved one is gone.

Show Uncle some love next Thursday and he will definitely show some back!! Join us at Sessions with the Grind Syndicate!!!

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  1. mouse555

    great article. That top photo is one I took of the WONDERFUL UL in London. Is it possible to credit me (Michaela Feeney) and ask where you got the untagged version as I only posted a watermarked version online.

    • thegrindsyndicate

      sure thing michaela! the picture was actually lifted off of google images, so i won’t be able to tell you how i got a version with no watermark. just did some old school scouring of the internet.

    • thegrindsyndicate

      Uncle is actually going to be coming to another show for us, and we are probably going to do a little write up on him again… but it is so hard to find his pictures online. if you have any that you could possibly share, it would be great! and of course, we will add credits and hyperlink back to your stuff. if you would like to talk more on this, please feel free to email me at

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