It is no surprise that Koreans like to get TRASHED. In fact, Koreans are actually the world leaders of cigarette smokers, and also lead the whole continent of Asia in getting DRUNK. This is of no surprise to those familiar with Koreatown, where apart from the bars and barbecue houses Koreans frequent to get DRUNK, the only other type of restaurants available are ALL hangover cure food. Famous Korean soups like soondooboo, sullungtang, and hwejangguk(which LITERALLY means hangover soup) are rich with protein and other nutrients to build your body back after a heavy night of downing sojus. The Korean night culture is about getting butt-drunk, and the Korean morning culture is about making your body ready for the next night of heavy drinking.

So if you’re Korean, and you’re drunk, there is another NEW reason to boast about how much of an alcoholic you are. The Wall Street Journal reports that drinking has become such a ingrained social problem in Korea that Samsung Group has set limitations and rules on staff dinners, called hoesik. Samsung Electronics employees are no longer allowed to go out with their coworkers after9pm, and cannot force others to drink, or mix different alcohols together.

So, whether you will heed this news as a warning to limit some of your heavy drinking, or you will take this as a an excuse to get even more tossed up, make sure to have a safe weekend, and let your sober friends drive for you!

Read the complete article here.

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