Sessions Spotlight: Jook1

Jook the First is definitely a performance you won’t want to miss at Sessions. This punchline heavy rapper has wordplay like the lyrical kung-fu of old school hip-hop, but infused with the passive aggressive humor and cockiness(swag? is that what it’s called?) of new school hip hop. Anyways, this always-ready-for-a-mic-in-his-face, rapper is ‘Comin Through’ and he got a couple questions to ask you other rappers out there:

‘it blows my fuckin mind when ya views past a hunned

how ya make so many songs when ya aint sayin NOTHIN?’

Make sure to listen to some SOMETHIN, and no NOTHIN, and check out his Soundcloud and support!!!

You do NOT want to miss Jook the Uno next Thursday at Sessions with the Grind Syndicate!


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