The Grind Syndicate Presents… Sessions


The Grind invites you to join us at Sessions!!

Sessions, to be simple, is an art show displaying some of the most amazing pieces of art from young up and coming artists in Los Angeles. But it is much more than that! Sessions is also a cafe night showcasing some of the most gifted musicians; it is a chance for Los Angeles to check out new, never before seen art, and new, never before heard music.

It is also Creme Cafe‘s introduction into the community. This new cafe serves up some mean coffee, and some tantalizing fruit bobas!

Make sure to stay posted on our blog EVERYDAY until the day of the event, for more info on our performers and artists, and make SURE to be as excited as I am to see a performance from our personal friend and musical legend, the great UNCLE LARRY!!

Stay posted, and stay grindin’ y’all!!


Like us on Facebook and join the Sessions event page!


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