One of the greatest fighters of our time was put to his greatest test this Saturday, and Georges St. Pierre prevailed after an entertaining and dominant performance from GSP. Condit lost his interim Welterweight title, as GSP retained his Welterweight belt after a 19 month hiatus from the UFC.

You can catch the fight in its entirety: here!

After pushing Carlos Condit to the outer edges of the Octagon for the beginning minutes of the first round, GSP put Condit on the ground and straight bullied him for about 3 minutes. Although GSP spent most of the time on the ground trying to reach dominant position, GSP got some very good shots on Condit, and a nasty elbow caught Condit toward the end of Round 1 to open up a free-flowing gash over his right eye.

Condit tried landing his devastating punch-kick combos in the beginning of the second round, but GSP danced away from most of the strikes. Meanwhile, GSP landed some solid jabs. As Condit began to string some good strikes together, GSP put him on his back again. As soon as they hit the canvas, GSP went to work and turned Condit into a bloody mess again. Second round is reminiscent of the first round, except there is much more blood, but there is actually much more aggression and anger coming from Condit, who begins to string together a bunch of effective jabs and elbows from the bottom. As they come to a stand at the end of Round 2, there’s a fire in Condit’s eyes. He knows he’s been losing very bad so far. GSP has a small cut under his left eye.

Condit almost steals the show in the first seconds of the third round, as he lands a huge kick on GSP that knocks him to the ground. GSP is definitely staggered, and as Condit swarms GSP with huge punches from the top, GSP’s egg-shaped head swells into different lumps. GSP shows his resilience by slipping out of full mount and getting on his feet. Although GSP looks seriously injured, he sticks to his original gameplan and pushes the standup fight toward the cages. Another successful takedown puts Condit on the canvas, and GSP shows his superior wrestling and ground-and-pound for the rest of the third. Although it seems GSP landed more significant strikes during this round, the huge kick from Condit probably did the most damage.

There is nothing Condit can do against GSP and his takedowns, and GSP starts the championship rounds by putting Condit on the ground again. Condit fights hard from the bottom and lands a flurry of elbows and jabs, which is helping him stay in the fight. Although Condit completes a neat reversal toward the end of the round, GSP shows his ground dominance by slipping out and putting Condit on his back again. The UFC Octagon and Condit’s face is drenched with blood as the fourth comes to a close. The fighters earn a standing ovation from Anderson Silva and Lyota Machida, who have been watching from the crowd.

The last round starts with Condit going for the kill. He knows he’s losing, and he needs the knock out win. GSP looks very confident with his counters and puts together very nice combos. After another successful takedown from GSP, the fight is brought to their feet. It seems Condit has become wary of using his devastating kicks on GSP, as GSP is 6 for 6 on his takedowns for the night. GSP lands his 7th successful takedown with 2 minutes left, and from there, the fight is basically over, as GSP lands blows from the top until the round ends.

This GSP win is exciting for the UFC, not just because of the fighters’ great performances, but because of the questions and answers GSP presents to the world of MMA. First, this fight proves GSP is still the elite-level fighter we knew him to be. Second, who is next? There are at least two very plausible welterweights that GSP can fight. There is Johnny Hendricks, who, moments before GSP and Condit took to the Octagon, knocked out Martin Kampmann to solidify his top spot as a welterweight title contender. And there is Nick Diaz, the brash, trash-talking brawler, who was supposed to be the one fighting GSP, but was defeated by Condit for the chance. Diaz, in typical Diaz fashion, told the whole Twitter world that he “was not impressed,” by the GSP fight.

[Nick Diaz does not give a whole lotta fucks]

But the most intriguing question: who is the greatest? The MMA world is filled with talks of an impending Anderson Silva and GSP fight. Now that GSP has retained his welterweight title, it seems a huge superfight between the middleweight and welterweight champ is coming. This is by far the greatest thing that could happen for the UFC. Because this is why fans love sports, because we always want to know who’s better. That’s why everyone’s always comparing Jordan’s Dream Team to Lebron’s Olympic Squad. Or Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali. But the point is, in most cases, we’ll never really know the answer. But in the UFC, with Silva and GSP, we can fight out the answer. PLEASE Dana White, make this fight a reality!


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