GSP vs Carlos Condit

This Saturday is the long awaited fight for the merging of Welterweight titles in the UFC. Current champ, Georges St. Pierre, has been out of the Octagon since April 2011, and since his injury, the heavily stacked welterweight division has gotten even more exciting, with the emergence of top tier fighters such as Nick Diaz, and interim champ Carlos Condit.


GSP is known as the most dynamic fighter of his generation, and his rise to fame came at the dethroning of the previous generation of elite UFC fighters.

After suffering one of his only losses to Matt Hughes, GSP got this rematch, in which he embarrasses a UFC legend, en route to his first Welterweight title.

As technical of a fighter GSP is, Condit is relentless, even in the face of defeat.

This is possibly the second greatest fight of Condit’s career, who struggles early on against rising UFC star, Rory Mcdonald, but fights on to win the decision.

In the match for the interim welterweight belt, Carlos Condit surprised everyone, including the usually vicious Nick Diaz, who couldn’t dominate Condit like he usually does to anyone that steps in the Octagon with him.

GSP is known as the best pound for pound fighter, and deserves huge credit for helping the massive boom of MMA popularity around the world. But in his absence, new fighters have risen to prominence, leaving fans wondering if GSP still is the best pound for pound fighter in his division. Make sure to catch the fight this Saturday, as GSP is put to the biggest test of his career.

And make sure to stay updated with UFC, because the outcomes of this fight could pave the way for a Anderson Silva vs GSP superfight.


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