The biggest issue on the news this week has been Hurricane Sandy. Sandy hit the east coast of the United States on October 29, and has devastated subway lines, closed schools, and even flooded Ground 0 in New York City.


Estimates suggest Sandy’s damage to be over $50 billion, making Sandy the worst thing to hit the United States, since…… like, EVER. As of today, there are still some states without electricity, and almost 20,000 flights have been canceled since Sandy slapped the States.


[actually, thats my friend, Sandy, not Hurricane Sandy]

But every disaster that hits America is measured by how Americans stand up to it. In that case, Hurricane Sandy is more than just a hurricane storm, it was a testament of the unity of the American people. Sandy uprooted homes and broke power lines, but the biggest storm it caused was on the internet, in social media. There were over 20 MILLION tweets this week on Hurricane Sandy.


Being no meteorologist, I cannot reflect on how this storm started. What I can talk about, is all the Twitter and Facebook posts that followed October 29. People from all walks of life took to their social media pages and showed Sandy to the world.


[That’s Amar’e Stoudemaire’s half million dollar Range Rover under a whole lotta water]

And these posts didn’t just show the courage of rescuers or the extent of damage. It showed, more than anything, that Americans can still keep their sense of humor.


And, it doesn’t really matter if there’s a huge wave about to swallow you and the reporter. You still gon Gangnam Style. ope ope ope ope ope


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