Stressing over midterms, dealing with incompetent customers at work, and paying for that monthly rent you completely forgot coming your way adds up to be one shitty week. Then to have our new Lakers, with four of the best starters to play in their positions, lose the first two opening games puts the icing on the crap. Oh, and don’t forget that cherry: Steve Nash just got injured with a shin contusion…


For all you LakerHaters out there, enjoy it while it lasts. The Lakers have a new starting line-up, with a new system of running the court, so it’s no surprise they’re off to a bumpy start. Individually, the starters, with the exception of Nash, are still playing solid basketball – Kobe averaging 26 points, Dwight averaging 26 points and 12 rebounds, and Gasol averaging 19.5 points and 11 rebounds. Once Steve Nash is back on his feet, tearing up the floor with his assists, the Lakers should be in prime form. The only other issue is their horrible defense, which will be vastly improved once Dwight Howard’s back heals completely and he starts terrorizing the paint.


Think about it, the Lakers have always been a team of dynasties – West and Chamberlain, Captain Kareem, Showtime Magic Johnson, Shaq and Kobe, Kobe and Gasol, and now KNGD. And to put things in perspective, the other superteam of the NBA, the despised Miami Heat, started their first inaugural season with their Big Three pretty horribly. That year, Miami started the season by losing 9 of their first 17 starts, but right after went on to win 21 of their next 22 games.


With Kobe as the veteran of the squad and young Dwight, the best center in the league, who still hasn’t reached his prime, and is now under the tutelage of Kareem, there is nothing that can stop the Lakers.


Lakers fans, just as the late Enlightened One Phil Jackson was, be patient.  Once they get their chemistry down, you can be sure the mixture of that purple and gold substance will result in a massive explosion that’ll blow the panties off them ladies.

[her’s are still on, but its gona be off soon]

Stay Tuned. Battle LA: Lakers vs Clippers tomorrow night Nov. 2!

In the meantime, check out top plays from the Lakers this preseason. You’re gona be seeing a lot more of these as the year progresses.


Like that Gasol dump to Howard in the low post at 1:00

or the Kobe alley-oop to Howard at 1:13


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