Halloween may not be everyone’s favorite holiday but without a doubt it’s the most fun. When we were younger it was just an opportunity to go around collecting as much candy as our sugar-fueled hearts desired but now that we’re a bit  older it’s become another excuse to go all out and get TRASHED.


Personally, all I wanted to do was get the living shit scared out of me. This year, i didnt have a chance to go to one of Southern California’s many scare parks, but after scouring Creepy LA I found some cheap alternatives to get my scare on.


One place that caught my eye was a free maze in the backyard of someone’s home in Burbank. At first we all thought it was going to be wack because one: it’s free, and two: it’s just in some old man’s house. But as soon as we pulled up to the Backwoods Maze, we were met with a line stretching down the whole sidewalk.


While you wait in line guys in masks walk up and down the sidewalk looking intimidating and saying some pretty scary stuff.

When we finally got inside we were pretty impressed.

*anyone notice the arm? o.o


The maze matches up to the ones at Universal’s Horror Nights. Maybe even better, considering everything is homemade! The guy told us that they’ve been doing this for nine years now. They’re really passionate about it and it really is a work of art.


Happy Halloween and make sure to check out to get your Halloween on 365 days a year!!

And if you missed it this year, be sure to catch the Backwoods Maze next year!


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