The Grind Syndicate’s Got Velo Love.

Hope everyone’s had their share of spooky times this weekend, and now are steadily rejuvenating from the costumed-shit-face parties we’ve waited all month for.  There wasn’t much puking goin’ on for us this weekend at all.  Saturday morning, an artist and very good buddy of mine from District Designs invited me and the gang to come play for his booth at an event called Velo Swap + Shop!! The location was in the parking lot of a store named VeloLoveLA, which was hosting this bicycle race meet filled with these cyclists determined to come out to be the top dog.


There were also a bunch of families, kids in adorable costumes and even new born babies.


Jonny Maven rockin’ the DirtyLA tee’s from District Designs’ booth


I spot some thirsty cyclists!

Some of the cool gadgets and gears and what  not.

Much Love for all the vendors and street-cycling enthusiasts that came out to break a sweat for a really good time.



3421 Verdugo Road, Los Angeles, CA
(323) 257-1096

District Designs/DirtyLA

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