Big ups to our friends from Seoul Sausage for their very successful grand opening! They waited 8 months for this and they finally have their own store on a really crackin’ corner in West L.A. For those of you who don’t know who these guys are, they are the winners of The Great Food Truck Race.


We made plans to go check out their store but they sold out of food within less than 5 hours and had to close down the store early.


THAT is a pretty damn successful grand opening. But luckily for us their food truck saved the day and opened for dinner at 7. Dante was definitely ready to see some sausages.



Even though they ran out of their trademark Seoul Sausage dogs and Spicy Kimchi Fried Balls, the Spicy Pork Burger and Osaka Balls were definitely worth the long wait in line!


And Korean juices and sodas too? BOMBBBB


Last Saturday was the grand opening of the store, and since then, Seoul Sausage has run out of food every single day!!! Huge congrats to you guys and everyone stay posted on their Twitter feeds for some Seoul in your Sausage!!



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